CATS Members & Supporters

Connecting Communities Bus services are available to the general public.  All other CATS services are designed for those who cannot access public transport due to rural isolation, have no access to private vehicles or cannot access public transport due to mobility, age and frailty. .  If you are eligible, you will need to register as a CATS member.  Community groups can also register as group members.  If you are not sure, please call CATS on 01728 830516 to discuss your situation and to request a Membership Application Pack. 
Local companies or business organisations are welcome to register as Corporate Sponsors  - see below.

Individual Members

•    Cost of registration - Free
•    Access to Services:
     Door to Door       
     Wheels within Wheels       
     Community Car Service
     Vehicle Hire – including accessible MPV
     Two Newsletters each year

Community Group Members

•    Cost of initial registration £15 (currently no annual charge)

•    Access to Services
     Vehicle Hire – including accessible minibuses or MPVs. CATS volunteer driver if
     available or group’s own driver subject to suitability and training 
•    Two newsletters each year – electronic version available for further distribution

Corporate Supporters

•    Cost of initial registration £50 plus £25 pa
•    Two newsletters each year – electronic version available for further distribution
•    Public acknowledgement of support as agreed
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Share Membership

Membership is open to all individuals and organisations with an interest in the aim of Coastal Accessible Transport Services Ltd (CATS) to provide transport for the benefit of the community.
Share membership entitles the member to attend general meetings and vote on resolutions as part of the governance and management of CATS and its activities, and also to stand for election as a member of the Management Committee
Application for membership is subject to approval by CATS Management Committee and must be accompanied by the payment of £1 in respect of the share.  Payment will be returned should the application be refused.